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We say hello to sustentability.

Sustainability is a word that we often hear and that is part of our common lexicon, becoming even banal, which sometimes deprives it of its essence and meaning. It has been gaining dimension since the 70s of the last century, and today it is a key issue for the competitiveness of companies, namely in their medium and long term strategic plan.

The word sustainability is synonymous of a system that has conditions to be maintained or conserved. It is a concept that involves the idea of economic growth, satisfying current needs while simultaneously protecting subsequent generations, preserving natural resources (environmental sustainability), minimising high levels of social inequality (social sustainability) and promoting corporate profit (economic sustainability), thus ensuring the perpetuity of the system.

At #Wellow™ Group, sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of our strategic dimension and several actions are carried out by the various stakeholderswhich make it possible to ensure compliance with the objectives set out.

In the case of Rent & Properties and more specifically in the management of our vehicle fleet, we seek to reduce environmental impact by managing our fleet in an increasingly eco-friendlyThis is based on the optimisation of vehicles, the digitalisation of processes and the electrification of the vehicle fleet.

Technology is a enabler critical and fundamental in this process and a great catalyst to accelerate the efforts of our operation. Newer cars, for example, are increasingly fuel efficient and emission efficient. We monitor these indicators throughout the year so that we can renew our car fleet in an organic way, replacing older, polluting cars with new ones.

We have a strong digitalisation plan underway, through the implementation of appropriate management software and new work methodologies. The objective is to maximise our efficiency, making our processes increasingly digital which will allow, besides the reduction of working time and minimisation of human error, a reduction in paper consumption.

But the most important point in our sustainable development, which implies an organisational and cultural change, is the introduction of electric cars and the creation of infrastructures that allow the use of these cars in a practical way. A Rent & Properties currently has 50 EVs in its structure and is in the process of acquiring 25 more, making a total of 20% electric cars in its fleet.

At our headquarters in Carnaxide we already have electric petrol stations and we plan to start the installation of more stations in other locations of the country, allowing an easier and more massive use of this type of technology.

With regard to minimising the environmental impact and in terms of mobility, we will also create conditions for people to make the home-work commute using alternative vehicles, such as bicycles or electric scooters, encouraging the use of other means of transport that are not only environmentally friendly but also healthy.

These are just some of the measures underway at #Wellow™ Group, which aim to consolidate business strategies, increasing the sustainable impact of our organisation, enabling a greener future for generations to come.

Sustainability Wellow Group!

By João Farinha | Chief Executive Officer Wellow™ Rent & Drive