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Overview Wellow™Group

The diversification of projects and businesses that we have developed over the last decade has enabled the Wellow™ Group to achieve a turnover of close to 100 million euros and reduce dependence on a single business.

In 2022, Talenter™ accounted for 57% of turnover, Knower™ 24% and Futurcabo® 13%. However, if we look at the results, the contribution of the smaller brands in terms of turnover increases significantly.

Header™, as a project starting in 2020, already has a turnover of 868,000 euros, of which 60% is Executive Search and Head Hunting and 40% Executive Learning. The outlook for 2023 is to introduce the consultancy area and exceed 1 million euros in turnover.

Talenter™ closed the year with a turnover of close to 55 million, with Construction accounting for 17%, Hospitality 27%, Industry 15%, Logistics 11% and Services 30%. The maturity that this business has reached in the group will allow for sustained growth in the coming years.

Launched in 2021 to bring together the group's outsourcing projects, the Knower™ brand grew by 13% in 2022, surpassing 23 million euros in turnover. Among the various business areas, Clean accounted for 38%, Care 26%, Contact 18% and Logistic 11%. The Brands, Tech and Energy areas accounted for around 7%. Given the youth of this brand and the diversity of its services, the potential for growth is very high.

Futurcabo® exceeded 12 million in turnover, a drop of around 10% on the previous year. This result is essentially due to the adjustment that took place after the growth felt in the years of the pandemic (20-21). In 2023, TV Ria will be merged, thus broadening Futurcabo®'s technical areas into Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance.

Rent & Properties is the amalgamation of 2 support areas, which increasingly have an expression of turnover in clients external to the group, representing around 3.7 million euros. Wellow™ Rent-a-Car grew by 9.5%, of which 22% was external to the group. Real Estate Management grew by 29%, with one third of its business being the letting of property to clients outside the group.

Exato® Seguros had a turnover of 147,000 euros, which translated into growth of 12.5%, although it didn't take advantage of all the growth potential outside the group. The challenge for the coming years remains.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Atlantic Portugal is a property brokerage brand aimed at the luxury segment and foreign clients interested in buying a home in Portugal. In our first year of activity we achieved a turnover of almost 240,000 euros, with significant potential for growth.

We believe that this new business model, which is more verticalised and geared towards each specific market segment, will allow us to continue to grow in this decade, as we did between 2010-20, and to establish Wellow™ as a benchmark group with Portuguese capital in Portugal.

By Cesar Santos | Founder & President Wellow™ Group